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All Products
  • Luminova 114X900mm Telescope

    Luminova 114X900mm Telescope

    Our Luminova is a full-featured, 900mm focal-length reflector telescope for beginning and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum tripod included.

    Model: 40114675

    Great For: Entry-level, intermediate


    Space observation
  • Essentials 7X50mm Binocular

    Essentials 7X50mm Binocular

    The Essentials 7x50 binoculars combine a powerful 10x magnification for long-range viewing with a wide field of view and bright imaging from their large 50mm objective lenses. The porro prism design, large 50mm objective lenses and multiple lens coatings...

    Model: 170750

    Great For: Entry-level

  • Focus-Free 8X25mm Binocular

    Focus-Free 8X25mm Binocular

    Powerful performance in an easy to hold package. The mid-size Focus-Free is lightweight but tough enough to handle long days in the field, and it features technology that uses your eyes' natural ability to focus without having to use a focus wheel to...

    Model: 100825

    Great For: Entry -level

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  • Rimfire 3–9X40mm Riflescope

    Rimfire 3–9X40mm Riflescope

    The 3–9X40mm configuration our Rimfire Riflescope offers up extended performance for rimfire rifles. From casual target shooting to serious rimfire competition and small-game hunting, this scope gives you accuracy and dependability you can trust.

    Model: TRF3940

    Great For: Entry-level


    Target shooting Hunting
  • 1-Inch Medium Clam Ring, Matte, Detachable

    1-Inch Medium Clam Ring, Matte, Detachable

    Our handsomely styled, 100% aircraft-grade aluminum alloy rings can easily be detached and removed, perfect for the shooter who swaps out scopes for different applications. Our bases are precision fit—they won’t move under heavy recoil—and our mounting...

    Model: TS00702


  • Essentials 7X35mm Binocular

    Essentials 7X35mm Binocular

    These Essentials 7x35 binoculars combine bright imaging, wide field of view, and a compact porro prosm design. These compact porro prism design binoculars deliver a wide field of view at 7x magnification without sacrificing brightness or clarity...

    Model: 169735

    Great For: Entry-level

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  • SpaceStation 70X800mm Telescope

    SpaceStation 70X800mm Telescope

    The SpaceStation 70X800mm Telescope delivers an exciting nighttime viewing experience of your favorite planets and constellations—and maybe even one no one's discovered yet! An adjustable aluminum tripod, magnifying eyepieces, moon filter and more are...

    Model: 49070800

    Great For: Entry-level


    Space observation
  • Novice 60X700mm Telescope

    Novice 60X700mm Telescope

    A value-priced 700mm focal-length refractor telescope is a terrific choice for any explorer. An adjustable aluminum tripod, moon filter, and diagonal Barlow lens are included for a well-rounded, use-it-out-of-the-box package.

    Model: 30060402

    Great For: Entry-level


    Space observation
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