Repair & Warranty

If you have a Tasco product that requires service or repair, you will need to determine the date the product was manufactured. Tasco products manufactured before 9/1/2002 may not contain a code for the year of manufacture. See Diagram 1 for help in determining if your product has this code.

  1. For product manufactured prior to 9/1/2002, you will need to contact ABO at 1-305-859-2010 for questions about repairs or service.
  2. For product manufactured after 9/1/2002, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-423-3537. Please be prepared to give the Customer Service Representative the code number found on the product. You will be provided with complete instructions on sending your product in for repair.
  3. Due to import and export laws, repairs originating from Canadian addresses must be sent to Tasco Canada. Canadian customers please email or call 905-771-2980.

Identifying new Tasco product

Old Tasco products may not have a code for the year of the manufacture, but new product does. Check to see if there is an alpha code of the year the product was produced. It will be located in one of these two places. Older product, if coded, will have the code with year then month. JS99-3, for example, would mean March of 1999.

Identifying new Tasco product

Product Warranties

  • Tasco Target and Varmint Riflescopes � Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tasco Propoint Scopes � One-Year Warranty
  • Tasco World Class Riflescopes � Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tasco Red Dot Scopes � One-Year Warranty
  • Tasco Pronghorn Riflescopes � One-Year Warranty
  • Tasco Rimfire and .22 Riflescopes � One-Year Warranty
  • Tasco Trail Cameras � One-Year Warranty
  • Tasco Binoculars � Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tasco Spotting Scopes � Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tasco Telescopes � Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tasco Microscopes � Limited Lifetime Warranty